Facial Skin Care



Facial Skin Care



Signature Facial

This classic European Facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliant, mask, and relaxing massage.

50 min                                       $55
 25 min   Mini Facial (For Teens)  $30

Men’s Revitalizing Facial

Refreshing and cleansing treatment. Specifically for men’s skin.
This relaxing service includes pressure point facial and scalp massage.

45-50 min                     $55

Vitamin Packed Facial

Uses vitamins A, E, C, and natural fruit acids to help calm even the most sensitive skin types.
Treats sun-damage & aging skin.

50 min                     $65

Acne Treatment Facial

Using clinical treatments to help clear skin and reduce acne scarring.
For all ages.

50 min                     $65

Glycolic Acid Facial

Rapidly exfoliates epidermal cells and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation.

50 min                      $65

                                             Add On 20% Strength   $75

Glycolic Peel Treatment

A deep skin repair and true skin rejuvenation! For best results complete in a series of 6 weekly treatments.
This one will address countless skin concerns.

25 min                      $35 each

                                          Add On 20% Strength    $45

Back Pack

Like a facial but for your back and includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, and massage.

50 min                     $65


Facial add-ons

Scalp massage                         $7

Acupressure sinus-point        $7

Extractions                              $7

All facials are customized to your skin and include massaging of the face, neck, shoulders, and décolletage.