Massage Therapy





Relaxing, easing muscle pain, sooth anxiety and depression, improve sleep and blood circulation,
boost immunity, alleviation of headaches and More!

Deep Tissue

Targets deeper layers of muscle and tissue.


Similar to a Therapeutic but for people involved in sports that desire to prevent or treat injuries.

25 min Area-Specific    $30

50 min                     $55

80 min                     $80

Add on Essential Oil(s)  $ 5+

Hot Stone

Similar to a Therapeutic but also includes application of smooth, comforting, warm stones.

50 min                     $70

Couples Massage

Great for any two people.
Share a relaxing experience together in the same room.

50 min Therapeutic     $120
50 min Hot Stone       $150


Gaining popularity is the distinctive massage where the technician also uses their feet.
Exceptionally soothing and alleviating.

50 min                     $65


This form of massage also uses yoga stretches to help gain flexibility by affecting muscle and connective tissue.
Helps relieve pain in common neck and back ailments.

50 min                     $60

Myofascial Release

Alternative therapy that aids in muscle immobility and pain using prolonged muscle holds.
Stimulates and relaxes contracted muscles and improves circulation.

50 min                          $60


Non-invasive form of bodywork that focuses on the body’s subtle rhythms to release compression within the spinal column to the cranium.
Provides relief from migraines, neck and back pain, TMJ, and More.

50 min                          $60

Sinus Relief

Aids in sinus pressure and promotes drainage.

25 min                          $30


Application of pressure to the feet and/or hands targeting areas that relate to and affect specific areas of the body.

25 min                          $30