Massage Therapy


Therapeutic Massage

Full Body, Deep Tissue, and Sports

50 min                     $50

80 min                     $75


25 min              $27

Couples Massage

50 min                     $100

Myofascial Release

For areas that are sensitive after injury or surgery. Will release previous scar tissue.

50 min                     $60

Cranial – Sacral

Specialty massage that aids in relief of rheumatoid arthritis and such ailments. Ask for more details.

50 min                     $60

Hot Stone

Soothing, warm stones are applied in this specialty massage.

50 min                     $65


This specialty massage relaxes the body

and helps to gain flexibility.

50 min                     $60


Gaining popularity is this specialty massage where the technician also uses their feet.

Unique and soothing.

50 min                     $65


Aids in pressure and promotes drainage.

25 min                          $30


Targets areas of feet and hands that relate to and affect specific areas of the body.

25 min                          $30

Aromatouch Therapy

Light pressure massage to the back, neck & feet using a variety of pure essential oils.

45 min                          $50