Our Policies

We appreciate that you’ve chosen us for your massage and bodywork needs.
To provide the best service possible to our clients we have implemented the following policies.


1 We respectfully ask that you provide us with a 24 hour notice of any schedule changes or cancellation requests. Please understand that when you cancel or miss your appointment without providing a 24 hour notice we are often unable to fill that appointment time. This is an inconvenience to your therapist and also means our clients missed a chance to receive service(s) they need. For this reason, you will be charged 50% of the service fee for the first missed session and 100% of the service fee for each session after that. We also reserve the right to require a deposit to book future appointments so that appropriate fees may be charged should a late cancellation occur. We understand that emergencies can arise and illnesses do occur at inopportune times. If you have a fever, an infection, or have experienced vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours prior to your appointment time, please cancel your session. Inclement weather may also result in the need for late cancellations. We will do our best to give advance notice if we are closing or need to cancel due to bad weather and we ask you to do the same. Please do not risk your own safety trying to make your appointment. Late cancellations due to emergency, illness, or inclement weather will generally not result in any missed session charges, but this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


2 We request that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to fill out any required paperwork as well as answer any questions your therapist may have. We understand that issues can arise that may cause you to be late for your appointment. However, we ask that you call to inform us if this ever occurs so we can do our best to accommodate you. Please know that specific appointment times are reserved for each client and cannot be exceed therefore ending your session at the scheduled time. Full services fees will be charged even when sessions are shortened due to late arrivals. In return we will do our best to be on time, and if we are unable to do so we will add time to your session to make up for out late arrival or adjust the service charge accordingly.


3We strive to keep our atmosphere inviting, relaxing, and enjoyable. There is absolutely no sexual component to any of our services. Any insinuation, joke, gesture, conversation, or request otherwise will result in immediate termination of your session and a refusal of any and all services in the future. You will be charged the full service fee regardless of the length of your session. Depending on the behavior exhibited we may also file a report with the local authorities if necessary. Treat your therapist with respect and dignity and you will be treated the same in return.